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Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004, 08:24 am
Four Novels On The Go ....

I have been meaning to update Kailleaugh.com for quite awhile now and have finally gotten around to finishing the new template for the site. Despite the new look, it should continue to hold its Google rankings. Hopefully, the entire site will be rebuilt soon enough

Though I can't be bothered to submit any work at the moment (since I'm not convinced that even the major horror markets offer any REAL exposure), I have been writing ferociously.

Besides, the continuing work on "Benediction", I also have three other novels on the go, all at varying stages. That includes "Macabre", which I mentioned in my last newsletter, as well as two others.

The second has a working title of "Dominique" and follows the vein of my earlier work from the mid and late 90's, drawing largely on the same setting, mood and themes from "On the Inside", "Twin Souls Fated" and "Inside Closed Eyes". The main character (the narrator) from "On the Inside" also makes reappearance in "Dominique", but is much more developed and defined in the current work. In the first place, after nearly ten years of her swimming around in my head on a regular basis, I finally named the character. I chose the name "Belinda"; named after my favourite Anne Rice novel (which was written under Anne Rampling), simply because I truly love the character in that book much the same way that other Anne Rice fans adore Lestat, Louis or Claudia. Beyond the addition of a name, the character from OTI has changed but little and follows the same personality, mannerisms and appearance in this new work, but more developed. As well, the events from "Twin Souls Fated" (written in 1995) have also become intertwined into "Dominique" as a local urban legend, while the corrupt street preacher from OTI also makes his reappearance as the antagonist. In a sense, this is all of my best old work coming all together for the first time to create a more complete story.

One new feature is the development of the character Dominique who is known in the book simply as Dom. Although Belinda is the oldest, most thought out character in the tale, Dom has the centre stage as the dominant personality.

Where "Dominique" differs from "On the Inside" or "Inside Closed Eyes" is in the style, simply because this particular story is written in the way that I had always intended OTI, Twin Souls or ICE to have been. In that sense, it actually comes off as having a lot in common stylistically with an unfinished novella entitled "Sometimes, In the Rain" which I wrote in 1996. "Sometimes..." was the best thing I had written at that point (and may still be the best), but at the time, I couldn't keep up what I was doing, so I set it aside and have yet to finish it.

One thing that is certain, is that the people who follow my work and who bother to pass on their thoughts, always mention "On The Inside" and "Inside Closed Eyes" as their favourites, so I think they will be very happy to see that these older themes, characters and settings have made a return in a novel form nearly ten years later after the fact.

That's my hope at least.

And for those of you (the small handful at least), who do know those stories, I will answer the burning question: Yes, it IS a vampire novel, despite the fact that vampire fiction is taking flak from people everywhere at the moment.

In the meantime, there is yet another novel in the works. This one is going to be different from what might be expected being that it is in a completely different genre, but I have to admit that I am very happy with it and will be finishing it before "Dominique". But that's all I'm saying for now.

The next newsletter will be coming out in the next week or so. Currently, there are well over 500 of you who take it each issue and we are well on our way toward 600 subscribers, so thanks to all who have spread the word!

~ Kailleaugh