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Sat, Jun. 11th, 2005, 05:47 am

Okay, so some of you have known for quite some time, that I've been working on a novel called (working title) "Dom" or "Dominique" (or rather those of you among the 2200+ of you who are on my mailing list know this).

For all intents and purposes, "Dom" is a vampire novel that ties into some of my older work like "On The Inside, Looking Out...", "Inside Closed Eyes", "Sometimes, In The Rain", "Twin Souls: Fated" and "In The End", most of which were written during the mid to late 1990's. To this day, most of that work is still very close to my heart and never has moved that far into the corner of my mind. "Inside Closed Eyes" and "On The Inside ..." also happen to be two of the three most popular and most widely appreciated stories I've written, even though the rarely seen "Sometimes, In The Rain" was always my favorite. In some ways, "Dom" is actually a continuation of "On The Inside..." as the character of Belinda in "Dom" was the un-named girl in "On The Inside...". Much the same way, the story in "Twin Souls: Fated" becomes part of the general urban myth in the world that "Dom" is set in.

And speaking of the world itself, it's the same setting as these other stories. Ultimately, that means that the setting is about as bleak as they come simply because governments have collapsed and corporations have disintegrated as a result of a perpetual heat wave. Food and water is scarce, while the only law is that the strongest survive. In a nutshell, society has collapsed and the world is dying. To get a good idea of the world, just picture in your mind, for one moment, what Death Valley might look like if you turned Tim Burton and his set designers loose on the place for a month. If you can picture that, you might come close to how I envision it. And what's worse (or good, some of you will say) is that these changes have flushed an entire culture of vampires out of hiding to the point that everyone knows that they exist, which is the same theme explored in "ICE" and "On The Inside".

Either way, I am pleased to announce that the first and second chapters of "Dom" are currently being reviewed by a publisher on the mainland of Europe (who's name I won't mention - not yet) for a possible release later this year. We should know what they think of it very, very soon.

Everybody cross their fingers.

Sat, Jun. 11th, 2005 05:27 pm (UTC)
alexseverin: ;o)

You don' need no steenking luck! You da man, baby!

*big squeeze!*

I love you!

Yer Wifelet...