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Fri, May. 13th, 2005, 05:11 am
Oregon Ghosts

Those of you who have been reading for some length of time or are regular visitors to my official web site know that the bulk of my longer published works have been primarily non-fiction opposed to fiction. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that in October, Cyber Pulp Books out of Houston, Texas will be releasing my next book “Oregon Ghosts”.

This new book is exactly what the title indicates; it’s a book of genuine ghost stories and urban legends from the state of Oregon. I’ve gathered some of the spookiest and strangest stories from throughout the entire state, and believe me, we have a lot of them in Oregon to choose from! Some examples include the little known tale of the Bandage Man, which is believed to be the ghost of a logger cut to pieces in a mill accident many years ago who is thought to haunt a particular stretch of Old Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast. The Bandage Man is believed to harass passing motorists and kill dogs along this stretch of road which makes for one of Oregon’s more bizarre ghost stories. Others include the Wolf Creek Vampire, the Little Girl of Grants Pass, Oregon’s well known lighthouse ghosts and dozens of others. In an effort to include as many tales in the book as possible, I’ve tried to keep each tale short with the idea of delivering some fast reads for you.

Some of you will know that this book has a particular meaning for me, since despite the fact that I’m currently living in Scotland, Oregon is in fact, my birth state and my home no matter where I may be living at the time. And fortunately, my wife, Alex Severin and I, will be heading back home soon. With that in mind, it is my full intention to be doing some state wide promotion for “Oregon Ghosts”. Hence, if you are from Oregon and would like me to visit your town or city, please drop me an email and include the name and town of your favorite bookstore and hopefully, we can arrange a book signing.

For the most part, “Oregon Ghosts” will be available from top online book sellers such as Amazon.com, but for those of you who would like to obtain “Oregon Ghosts” from your local bookstore, please just send me the name and location of your favorite bookstore and we will contact them about stocking the book. It will also be helpful if you, as a reader, request that your local bookstores stocks the book. Usually, a phone call is all it takes and of course, I appreciate your support.

In the meantime, please stay tuned for the launch of the official “Oregon Ghosts” web site!

I would also like to add, that if “Oregon Ghosts” is half as successful as I hope it to be, you can also count on an entire series of ghost books, likely to be followed by “California Ghosts“ and others.

Maybe your state will be next?